Our Motto: To Acknowledge the Duty that Accompanies Every Right.

Vision 2022

“To be a recognised, globally oriented, voluntary service organisation with a strong and committed membership that strives to enhance human values, with special focus on youth development, while upholding our motto “To Acknowledge the Duty that Accompanies every Right” and working in active service and close partnership with the YMCA, the United Nations and other worthy organisations to build a better world in which to live.”

Message from Area President

Dear Leaders, Y’s Men and members of Y’s family,

First of all, let me thank ,the almighty for giving me an opportunity to serve you and India Area. My extension efforts are in directive of a special participant here, YMCA National Council General Secretary Mr. Bertram Devadas who has offered me to help to start new more clubs under his leadership by giving guidance to YMCA’s. Until now Area office was the office of Area President.

Forthcoming EventS

3rd India Area Council

Dates: Feb 28th 2021

Venue: Hotel Prasanth, PMG, Trivandrum

India Area Family Fest- Rose Petals

Date: Feb 13th & 14th 2021

Venue: Sarovar Esturia Island, a Five star Proporty at Poovar, Trivandrum

(Details here)

     But now I have established a permanent office for India Area at YMCA Trivandrum as a separate establishment with staff and furniture. Area will have a permanent bank account system for monitoring and control the financial system of India Area.

    This year we have selected a slogan “Extension, Extension, Extension”. This is very wide and all inclusive concept. Explore all possibilities and expand our movement to 100 countries by the centenary year 2022. Extension, as a part of organization building, should be a part of the agenda of all Districts & Regions.

     This year we have two projects, one is ‘ Kidney care’ and the other one is “Rehabilitation of covid- orphaned kids “. Alarming as it may sound, the number of people falling victims to Kidney related ailments have sky rocketed. Very few people can sustain the cost of Kidney replacement and post operative care. A large number of people require dialysis to survive and remain productive. We intend to support this section with free dialysis. We shall making arrangements with nodal agencies and hospitals to provide free dialysis to patients belonging to marginalized ,deprived weak group that needs community support. We ought to be creating awareness in the society as to why our kidney health is failing and the ways to restore it. We have prepared a project of implementing 1 lakh free dialysis all over India.

     Covid -19 pandemic, the infection seems to be increasing in an alarming rate. For the confirmed cases, India is currently largest in Asia and 4th largest in the World. Through “REHABILITATION OF COVID- ORPHANED KIDS’ project ,it is proposed to rehabilitate the kids orphaned by covid -19 by extending health and education.We have all the strength and resources. All it needs is commitment. We have the leadership and the frame work. It is for us to utilize all the resources to attain goals. I seek your active leadership, involvement and support throughout the year. Let us go back to our clubs with the solemn affirmation to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right. So, dear Y’s men of India Area, let us begin our onward march,

Regards and Best wishes,

Ym. Adv. A. Shanavas Khan
India Area President 2020-2021


1. Kidney Care

2. Rehabilitation of Kids Orphaned by COVID-19


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Extension, Extension, Extension

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      The membership of the Association consists of affiliated local clubs known as Y’s Men’s Clubs, Y’s Women’s Clubs, Y’s Men and Women’s Clubs or Y Service Clubs. The membership of each local club consists of men or women or both. No one is denied membership status because of race, creed, colour or national origin.

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